Acquablend provide a great range of BPA-free fruit infusion water bottles designed for use at home, in the office, at the gym or when enjoying outdoors. Since its inception, the Acquablend bottle has proved a compelling and nutritionally smart choice and a sensible natural alternative to sugary and fizzy drinks. Our fruit infusion water bottles have each been designed with the user in mind.

That’s why the fruit infused water bottles by Acquablend is more than just a bottle, it is a journey to a healthier lifestyle. By harnessing the benefits of drinking fruit infused water as part of your everyday routine, we can support that journey with our recipes, tips and videos as well as stories from the Acquablend Community.

The story of Acquablend

Fruit infused water is not a new practice as people have been creating their own recipes for centuries. 

Since the conception of the Acquablend fruit infuser water bottle in September 2014, our aim has been to create a product and a fresh dialogue around daily hydration as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

In fact, we firmly believe that there has been an immeasurable shift in mindset with many acknowledging good hydration is an essential part of the working day as the gym work out.  Today, hydration is central to our overall wellbeing especially in the face of longer working hours and a growing obesity problem.

From the very beginning, Acquablend understood the importance of creating a dialogue with a cross-section of predominantly female community. Subsequently, we carefully selected several ambassadors to road-test the bottle and create their own inexpensive fruit and vegetable recipes. Not surprisingly, this durable BPA-free portable fruit-filled water bottle has become an invaluable and popular addition to their busy modern lifestyles.

The health benefits of fruit infused water have been widely documented. Rich in natural antioxidants and nutrients, certain recipes help to boost energy, improve metabolism and flush out harmful toxinsSome nutritionists have estimated that you get as much as 20% of the vitamin content of freshly squeezed fruit juice.

In truth, the Acquablend bottle is a compelling and nutritionally smart choice and a sensible natural alternative to sugary and fizzy drinks. The message is truly captured in this bottle!