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Last year we were fit... 2018 we will be fitter!

A new year and a new you!

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Well, it’s that time of year again!

“New you”, “This diet has to work”, “2018 exercise challenge”, “I’ll try the new shake or no carb fad to lose 3 stone”. You get the gist!

Ditch the short term motivation and learn to “Love Your Lifestyle” long-term.

I often think that although the new year is great as a fresh start and new found motivation, people often make the mistake of going one extreme to the other. This results in giving up to quickly because it’s too hard, losing motivation because it’s taking too long, and losing faith all together because it seems impossible to keep it up. Sound familiar??

My advice, no quick fix, no short term goal which needs an extreme change. Simply, a gradual change of lifestyle. Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. If you’re a complete beginner you can’t expect to hit the gym for a gruelling workout 7 days a week and cut out all sugar and expect to sustain that. I recommend to my new clients to gradually introduce exercise into your daily routine, perhaps a gym session once or twice a week initially to get you going. The thought of a gym and being surrounded by those perfectly already toned and fit gym go-ers may make you feel sick to the stomach??! It’s not actually all like that…trust me! Everyone has to start somewhere. Alternatively, I also train some clients out in the great outdoors on the beach or in the parks. Away from other people, with the use of steps, benches and zigzags to get the heart rate up, tone up that body and burn some serious calories!!

The most important thing is to be active by doing things you enjoy. The list is endless, go for a walk, even better go for a long hike. Go for a swim or to a dance class. Anything you find fun, you are more likely to stick at it and look forward to doing it! Another great idea is to find an event that you can attend with friends, incorporating your exercise with your social group means the best of both worlds! You can sweat together, complain together.. and eventually, feel amazing afterwards together!!

Hike N’ Beach 2018

A must do in 2018 if you really do want something new is the “Hike N’ Beach” Workout Weekend with HayleyPT!!  A 3 day event based in Bournemouth, consisting of beach Cardio workouts to increase your FITNESS and BURN CALORIES, a full day HIKING over the Jurassic Coast along stunning coastline views, a Strength Conditioning circuit designed to SHAPE your body and a Stretch and Relax session by the ocean.  Combine this with some beautiful restaurants for your evening meals with your friends…it’s a weekend not to be missed!

May 11th-13th – SOLD OUT | June 1st-3rd – LIMITED SPACES


The same goes for nutrition. Ever heard that phrase “you are what you eat”? It’s cliche, but true. Eat sugar, sure you’ll get that boost, but you’ll come crashing down after. That’ll cause you to want more sugar. It doesn’t mean to say cut it out completely. Ever tried it and ended up binging less than a week later? Thought so. It’s too extreme and the body can’t cope due to your current eating habits. Again, gradual changes. Perhaps cut down on sugar 5 days a week and allow yourself a treat at the weekend. This way you aren’t denying yourself of everything, and you will still see a difference. Hydration is also a huge contributing factor. Water aids digestion and bodily functions, it clears your skin, it prevents you mistaking thirst for hunger. The list goes on. Carrying a water bottle with me everywhere is a must, it keeps my energy levels up high and helps prevent sugar cravings from dehydration. Next time you get a sugar craving down a glass of water and see how you feel. You’ll be surprised! Thank you Acquablend for my amazing fruit filter bottles, I use them all the time especially when on the go and when I’m hiking.

Whatever your goal for 2018, add your exercise and healthy eating gradually into your daily life, remember it’s not a quick fix…it’s a long term positive change. It’s a lifestyle thang!

HayleyPT – “Love Your Lifestyle”

Hayley and team with Acquablend bottles

“Hike N’ Beach” Workout Weekend with HayleyPT

By Article, Health and lifestyle
Burn over 2,900 calories. Walk more than 37,800 steps. Hike further than 24km over some of the most stunning coastline the UK has to offer, all in one day.

Increase your fitness, burn body fat and enjoy the fresh air during a Cardio Workout on one of England’s stunning sandy beaches. Change your body shape, tone up and get lean during a Strength Conditioning Exercise Circuit by the ocean. Release your muscles and your mind, increase flexibility and mobility completing a full body Stretch & Relax in the heat of the sun. Read More

Hayley PT - love your lifestyle

New Years Resolution… put simply… is to “Love Your Lifestyle”

By Article, Health and lifestyle
Let me guess, it’s a new year so yet another promise to yourself that this truly will be the year that you lose that weight you’ve been talking about for who knows how many years?! Perhaps it’s the year you’ll take out a new gym membership and actually go for longer than just January and February until you get bored or give up because you’re not noticing any changes. Another classic, you are going on a diet this year and you will actually stick to it as well as drinking only on special occasions and keeping well hydrated with water instead?! Did I guess fairly close for your new year resolutions?! Read More

HayleyPT with Acquablend bottle in the Alps

Hike ‘N Alps with HayleyPT

By Article, Health and lifestyle
One of my favourite hobbies is hiking various mountains around the world. They don’t have to be high, (although I personally love a challenge!) but just getting active and outdoors, being surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery it’s easy for you to see why. Hiking certainly burns a lot of calories, after a 4 hour hike for example, I have been known to burn 2000 calories. The constant climb up a mountain, and the mixed terrains whether it be grass, rocks, soil or sand, will certainly help strengthen your legs and give them great shape!
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Hayley, a young athletic woman, training in a park with kettle bells and a fitness ball

Men, women and your body shape

By Article, Health and lifestyle

Since becoming a Personal Trainer back in 2005, I have worked with a combination of male and female clients of all ages, abilities and body types. Learning and understanding the human body and the physiological differences between the two genders is a fascinating part of what I do. I firmly believe a very important aspect of my role as a Personal Trainer is to be able to appreciate these differences and know how to work with them and achieve the responses that both men and women want from their bodies. So I’ll explain a bit more about men, women and your body shape. Read More

Hayley, a young athletic woman, stretching on a fitness ball in a park

Love your London lifestyle

By Article, Health and lifestyle

LONDON LIFE is hard!! The social scene is huge, networking for businesses has never been busier, week night work events and after office drinks is more and more regular. No wonder it’s a struggle to keep a healthy lifestyle, to shift that post Christmas half a stone, and start preparing your body the way you want it to look for summer! Having enough time to exercise on a regular basis enough to actually see some results is rare for most Londoners!
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Fruit and veg on forks rich in antioxidants.

Top 6 Foods Rich in Antioxidants

By Article, Health and lifestyle

The toxins in food, air, and water have a negative impact on our health and may cause life-threatening diseases. Certain foods, such as broccoli and berries, reduce the damaging effects of free radicals and toxins. They can neutralize the oxidation process, slow down aging, and prevent illnesses. By adding them to your diet, you’ll enjoy better health and have more energy thanks to these top 6 foods rich in antioxidants.

Here are top six foods rich in antioxidants.

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Dried goji berries in a bowl

The Antioxidant Power of Goji Berries

By Article, Health and lifestyle

Have you ever tried goji berries? Considered the most nutritionally dense food on earth, these tiny fruits can add years to your life. They have one of the highest antioxidant levels of all fruits, and provide only 90 calories per serving. Recent studies have found that this ancient berry can help prevent diabetes, obesity, cancer, and age-related mascular degeneration. In Asian countries, goji berries have been used as a medicine for thousands of years. Find out about the antioxidant power of goji berries.

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Are Bananas Really Healthy?

By Article, Health and lifestyle

With their sweet flavour and rich texture, bananas are some of the most popular fruits in the world. Rich in simple and complex carbs, they make the perfect post workout snack and can successfully replace a meal. These fruits are naturally sweet and contain large amounts of fiber, keeping you full longer. Despite their health benefits, they are avoided by many dieters because of the high sugar content. Yet, there are many other fruits that pack more sugar and calories than bananas. So, are bananas really healthy?

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