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A drummer has embarked on a month-long European tour with his band The Dash.

The post-punk band is supporting Kitty, Daisy & Lewis as they perform to crowds in 11 different countries.

Gareth Tyler, of Leverstock Green, has been with The Dash, which in 2013 filmed an advert for lady’s deodorant Impulse, for two years now.

The band of four took to the stage in Leeds to open the European tour on Sunday before heading to Manchester.

Gareth, 29, said: “It was fantastic. It was a nice full venue. We got a great response

The Dash“It is the biggest tour we have ever done.”

Two years ago the band supported the Pete Doherty fronted band Babyshambles on part of their UK tour.

Unlike the ex-boyfriend of the late Amy Winehouse, whose drug addiction has been well documented, teetotal Gareth prides himself on leading a clean and healthy lifestyle.

His lifestyle choice has landed him a sponsorship deal with fruit infusion water bottle company, Acquablend.

The former Astley Cooper schoolboy said: “I’m pretty straight. I have never really been a massive drinker anyway.

“I never got caught up in the crowd of doing drugs.

“I’m looking to inspire young people. If you are healthy and you feel healthy you are going to be a lot more positive.”

The Dash return from their tour on March 16.

By Victoria West : The Hemel Hempstead Gazette