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One of my favourite hobbies is hiking various mountains around the world. They don’t have to be high, (although I personally love a challenge!) but just getting active and outdoors, being surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery it’s easy for you to see why. Hiking certainly burns a lot of calories, after a 4 hour hike for example, I have been known to burn 2000 calories. The constant climb up a mountain, and the mixed terrains whether it be grass, rocks, soil or sand, will certainly help strengthen your legs and give them great shape!

Fitness also improves, depending on the route you decide on, it can be challenging and sometimes I’ll hike all day up to 9 hours so endurance plays a big part too! The fresh air releases endorphins and with views of vast mountains, rocks, waterfalls, beaches and forests…you can see why the attraction appeals!!

It is important to stay well hydrated and ensure you are consuming enough water. Thank you Acquablend, for your amazing water bottles which I used everyday on my recent trip to the French and Swiss Boarder of the Alps to a ski resort called Morzine. Everyday I filled my Acquablend bottle, sometimes with lemon which is always nice for thirst, but my favourite was with cucumber and fresh mint. It kept the water very refreshing and tasted delicious! It certainly was the perfect combo in the 30 degree heat up in the mountains this summer. It was a great moment refilling my Acquablend bottle on my hike when I came across a fresh waterfall!

Nutrition is also key to keeping your energy levels up. I’d start the day with a morning run, and fill up after on a wholesome breakfast of eggs, avocado and smoked salmon (good sources of protein and essential fats for energy) and a huge bowl of mixed fresh fruit salad (for carbohydrates and natural sugars). Snacks for hikes would be boiled eggs, fruit, Nakd Bars, nuts and seeds. Then a nice hearty dinner whether a chicken roast at home or enjoying some of the French cuisine in the Morzine village.

If you would like some advice on how to get started with hiking, where to go in and out of the UK to see some incredible places whilst increasing your fitness and living a healthy active lifestyle, contact me either via email or please visit my website.