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Burn over 2,900 calories. Walk more than 37,800 steps. Hike further than 24km over some of the most stunning coastline the UK has to offer, all in one day.

Increase your fitness, burn body fat and enjoy the fresh air during a Cardio Workout on one of England’s stunning sandy beaches. Change your body shape, tone up and get lean during a Strength Conditioning Exercise Circuit by the ocean. Release your muscles and your mind, increase flexibility and mobility completing a full body Stretch & Relax in the heat of the sun.

All in one weekend, this is “Hike N’ Beach” Workout Weekend with HayleyPT.

Hayley and hikersIs hiking enough on it’s own to make physical changes? The answer is yes, if, you are lucky enough to have the time to go on a full day’s trek a few times a week! I’m guessing for most, that’s not the case. The Cardio and Strength Conditioning workouts also included in this fitness weekend are similar methods of training I frequently use with my PT clients which are much more adaptable to fit into your everyday life. Do you ever find yourself wishing you could change the shape of your body but You have no idea where to start? I use the beach for sand drills, zig zags, walks and sprints to get your heart rate pounding and benches for exercises like step ups and tricep dips to get your muscles pumping. The use of equipment such as kettlebells, powerbags, freeweights, steps and barbells will help increase muscle mass, and give that overall ‘lean and toned’ look the majority of us strive for every year as soon as the summer hits! Agreed??! “Hike N’ Beach” Workout Weekend is designed to show you how you can exercise without having to be in the gym everyday. It is a chance to mix with like minded people, whether a beginner or advanced, there’s something for all, in a fun and social outdoors environment.

Nutrition and hydration of course play a huge role alongside any fitness regime if you want to see those results you’ve truly been hoping for. I have always found nutrition the hardest part, but working for over a decade in the fitness industry…over time I have found what works for my own body type, for my personal goals and it compliments my workouts. Over the course of “Hike N’ Beach” I offer advice on wholesome healthy foods around and during your workouts to give you maximum energy and a feeling of ‘fullness’.

Drinking plenty of water is also essential to keep your body hydrated and fully functioning when you are burning so many calories in such a short space of time. Acquablend supply fantastic fruit filter bottles where you can fill the filter with fruit of your choice so the water tastes delicious!! Every “Hike N’ Beacher” recieves a bottle on every workout weekend to enjoy the fresh fruit infused water. I often use cucumber and lemon for a refreshing taste, and strawberries and melon for a sweeter and more satisfying option.

Get involved and do something different next summer with new people or with friends. Take the chance to exercise, go hiking over beautiful countryside and burn almost 3,000 calories whilst learning a little about nutrition, hydration and lifestyle and join in with next year’s “Hike N’ Beach” Workout Weekend events and let me help you…
…to “Love Your Lifestyle” with HayleyPT.