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Let me guess, it’s a new year so yet another promise to yourself that this truly will be the year that you lose that weight you’ve been talking about for who knows how many years?! Perhaps it’s the year you’ll take out a new gym membership and actually go for longer than just January and February until you get bored or give up because you’re not noticing any changes. Another classic, you are going on a diet this year and you will actually stick to it as well as drinking only on special occasions and keeping well hydrated with water instead?! Did I guess fairly close for your new year resolutions?!

My name is Hayley(PT), I’m a personal trainer and to help you reach your goals in 2017 I encourage you to just learn to actually “Love Your Lifestyle”. Which means, no fads, no quick fixes, no new workout routines which feel like a chore or a diet that makes you feel sick every time you have a meal. I work very closely with my clients focusing on their daily routine and daily habits, with their goal in mind, we then find a way to include exercise at convenient times so that it is easy to fit it in to daily life, and do exercises and workouts that they personally enjoy and that will personally benefit their body type. This helps clients actually look forward to their training, whether it be indoor in a gym environment, or outdoors with a beach or park view. Whatever will keep you interested long term is the way you want to approach any new exercise routine.

The same goes for nutrition. I hear so many new years resolutions along the lines of “I’m cutting out carbs this year” or “I’m not drinking in January” or “no more sugar”. Sound familiar? These are all very extreme and unsustainable and will eventually, cause you to break and binge. I advise that if you make healthy food choices day to day, eat fresh produce and foods full of nutrients, then cravings subside because you are giving the body what it needs. The odd treat, IS OKAY. Whether it be a meal out on a Friday night with your partner or a few drinks down the pub with your friends on a Saturday night, or maybe your favourite chocolates on a Sunday evening watching a movie.

The point I coach to my clients, is that occasionally these treats won’t hinder your progress, as long as you jump back on the bandwagon immediately after. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. Carry on with your day to day healthy eating straight after, as opposed to thinking ‘I may as well wait until next week to start again’. What one treat could have been, can suddenly turn into a week’s worth because you didn’t maintain your ‘perfect diet’.

I personally enjoy a glass of red wine at the weekend, but rather than thinking the whole weekend is a right off from being healthy at all, I will still exercise whether it be a run along the beach or a weights session in the gym. I will ensure I’m well hydrated especially with my unique Acquablend fruit filter water bottle. It is so important to drink enough water, and even more so when having a treat. It cleans out the system and often you may mistake thirst for hunger.

“Love Your Lifestyle” in 2017 with HayleyPT and see long lasting body changes with these tips:

  • Find exercise you enjoy, whether it be alone, with a personal trainer or with friends to keep it consistent
  • Eat healthy day to day for everyday living including lots of protein to fuel your muscles and fill you up, essential fats to give you energy and glowing skin and hair , fruit and veg for vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates for fuel and energy.
  • Keep hydrated to keep your body functions working and to ensure you don’t mistake thirst for sugar cravings. Invest in an Acquablend fruit water bottle, my current favourites are using watermelon and oranges and lemons which makes the water taste delicious!
  • “Love Your Lifestyle” by allowing occasional treats and balancing out with your training and nutrition around those moments the rest of the time.

For more information on reaching your goals, making and seeing new and long lasting physical changes to your body, and learning on how to “love your lifestyle” , visit my website and contact me now.