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LONDON LIFE is hard!! The social scene is huge, networking for businesses has never been busier, week night work events and after office drinks is more and more regular. No wonder it’s a struggle to keep a healthy lifestyle, to shift that post Christmas half a stone, and start preparing your body the way you want it to look for summer! Having enough time to exercise on a regular basis enough to actually see some results is rare for most Londoners!

_DSC8345-EditMy name is Hayley, I am a Personal Trainer, Lifestyle and Nutrition Expert. Qualified since 2005, I have years of experience behind me working with and helping clients to get out of this London rut and achieving their goals whilst still maintaining this crazy ‘London Life’ that we all keep a love-hate relationship with.

It takes more than just joining a gym and not knowing what exercises are right for your body shape, or going on yet another fad diet which is setting you up for failure the day you decide enough with the shakes, and pass me that chocolate bar!

Firstly, it takes a lifestyle analysis to address why you haven’t yet been able to achieve your goals, and what you not must, but can and want to change about your daily routine, in order to plan how you will get there.

Secondly, it takes addressing your current eating patterns and hydration levels and usual habits and making changes to form new habits to see a real transformation. Meal plans that are relevant to you, and your lifestyle, is what will give you success. Why? Because if a meal plan is designed for your lifestyle, it won’t be a chore, it will fit right into your daily routine and therefore, you will stick at it. The one key secret I teach to every one of my clients is that ‘Consistency is Key’!!

Thirdly, it takes being active. Exercise as we all know, is what will burn those calories away, it is what will release endorphins (our happy hormone), it is what will increase your stamina and it will relieve a lot of stress. (If only a few benefits out of hundreds I could list!) The most important thing when working out, whether with a personal trainer, in a gym or at home, is knowing what exercises to do that are right for your body type and right for your own goal and not someone else’s.

_DSC8241It is also vital to have the correct technique which is the most fundamental part of being a Personal Trainer. Do you find yourself doing 100’s of sit ups, and still wonder why you can’t see a flat stomach yet, or 100’s of squats and your bum and legs don’t look good enough to even start thinking about getting into a bikini this summer?? Being shown how to do certain exercises, continuously changing the type of training program you are using, and working every muscle in your body in a totally different way each time, will not only speed up your results but will keep your exercise enjoyable and fun which again will keep it consistent.

This is what I do. This is what I can offer. This is what I love.