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I love water! Who doesn’t love water! It is the ultimate drink; healthy, refreshing, sugar free, great for your body and skin. It is the purest thing you could ever care to put in your body. My goal is always to drink more water no matter what season we are in!

Adults are supposed to drink at least 1.6litres per day, kids over five years old need to drink at least 1 litre per day. That is a lot of water. So any way I can get my kids to drink more water is a sure winner for me!

I personally love bottled water, tap water is not really to my taste, although my grandmother who lived well into her ninties drank only tap water. So I am now infusing my tap water with delicious fresh ingredients with the help of my Acquablend. The easiest way to get tasty infused water on the go!

Infused water is what Acquablend will give you! It is totally calorie free, sugar free, great tasting water! Just amazing! Other benefits include-

  • Its a healthy alternative to sugary drinks
  • Fun way to enjoy drinking water
  • Helps to reduce food cravings
  • It satifies your body’s need for hydration & energy

The flavour combinations are endless, you can be as crazy and creative as you please! Here are some of the great combinations I’ve tried and tested with my little ones. For them it was like a exciting science experiment putting together and tasting all the different infused waters! It wasn’t only fun, it was also healthy! I don’t think they have ever had so much water.

Here are some of the gorgeous fresh ingredients we used


Herbs (from my garden): Rosemary, mint, basil, coriander, parsley

Spices: Fresh ginger, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves

Fruit: Berries (strawberry, blueberry), watermelon, mango, apples, lemons, oranges

Vegetables: Cucumber, celery, fennel

Water: Plain tap water!


Cut the ingredients into small cubes or thinly sliced segments. This makes the infusing easier. Place the ingredients of your recipe choice into the compartment, fill the bottle with tap water, and leave for a while for the magic to begin and the plain tap water to transform into a super healthy, tasty beverage you and your kids will love!

prep1Place your ingredients in the perforated inner section

prep2Screw on lid

prep3Fill the bottle with water

prep4Place inner section firmly back inside bottle, put on lid, shake and leave to infuse!

Combinations you must try

Ginger & Lemon – a perfect combination for those of you with a cold or in need of a pick me up. Slice up some fresh ginger and slices of lemon and leave to infuse. Make sure you leave the peel on the lemon, thats where the zinginess comes from. A great recipe for those who are pregnant and suffering from nausea too!

Apple, Cinnamon & cloves
This is a winning combination! I have the tea, why not the water. Slice up some red or green apples. Add in one cinnamon stick, a few whole cloves and leave for the flavours to blend. So calming and tasty.

Basil & Mango
A super fresh tropical taste. Cut up some fresh mango and add in a few leaves of fresh basil. Leave to infuse for a fresh fruity drink.

Cucumber, Watermelon & Mint
This was a big hit with my boys! They love watermelon & cucumbers so loved the fresh taste the water had. Cut up the watermelon, cucumbers & mint. Leave peel on cucumbers. Add in a few leaves of mint. Totally yummy!

Coriander, lemon & orange
I love coriander! Such a sparkly strong flavour. With the citrus in the water the taste is delicious. Cut up a few slices of lemon & orange with the peels on. Add in a handful of coriander and leave to infuse.

Strawberry, fennel, lemon & basil
Sweet, citrusy, aniseedy and refreshing. The colours and tastes of this combination are just divine. Red, yellow & green. Slice up a few strawberries, add a few slices of lemon, some fennel chopped up and a few leaves of basil.

Watermelon & mint
A summer combination! Just fresh, crisp & fruity. A few cubes of fresh watermelon, a few leaves of mint. Soooo yummy!

Grapefruit, celery & Rosemary
This is my all time favourite. I adore grapefruits, I love celery & Rosemary. The taste you get together is fresh, thirst quenchingly great! A few slices of grapefruit, a few sprigs of fresh Rosemary. Scrumptious!

I love juicing but honestly it is messy, infusing water is just so clean, simple & easy! I’m definitely carrying my Acquablend in my handbag from now on to suppress those sweet cravings with no calories whatsoever!

Get one to prepare for Summer! xxx