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I get to try many wonderful gadgets and gizmos as part of my life as a blogger, and my Acquablend bottle has got be up there in the top ten most handy to date. So when I heard a specially sized Acquablend bottle for kids was out, I just had to try it!

Infused water is what Acquablend will give you! It is totally calorie free, sugar free, great tasting water! Just amazing! Other benefits include-

  • Its a healthy alternative to sugary drinks
  • Fun way to enjoy drinking water
  • It not bad for the kids teeth

The flavour combinations are endless, you can be as crazy and creative as you please! Here are some of the great combinations I’ve tried and tested with my little ones. For them it was like a exciting science experiment putting together and tasting all the different infused waters! It wasn’t only fun, it was also healthy! I don’t think they have ever had so much water.

So now there is Aquakids! How ingenious. Get the kids to make up their favourite flavours, not only will it be super fun, but super healthy too!

Here are some of the gorgeous fresh ingredients which could be used with the kids –

Herbs (from my garden): mint

Fruit: Berries (strawberry, blueberry), watermelon, mango, apples, lemons, oranges

Vegetables: Cucumber

Water: Plain tap water!


Cut the ingredients into small cubes or thinly sliced segments. This makes the infusing easier.

Place the ingredients of your recipe choice into the compartment

Fill the bottle with tap water, and leave for a while for the magic to begin and the plain tap water to transform into a super healthy, tasty beverage.


My boys were at first a bit apprehensive, water with cucumbers in? But the fruit is a real winner! Strawberry and blueberries made the water very yummy!

I love juicing but honestly it is messy, infusing water is just so clean, simple & easy! My boys loved mixing up different flavours to try. This way they drink lots of water without it ever being boring.

The AcquaKids Bottles